coffin - a ready to boot OS3.9+ distro for AC68080 systems


coffin r62 requires at least GOLD2.16 core on V2 and core r9128 on V4 (Standalone, IceDrake, FireBird or Manticore) to run. If you do not have an updated core, coffin will offer you on first boot to update it to latest recommended version.

Quick Start

  1. If you paid to get this image, ask for a refund, now.

  2. Write the .img to a bootable 32GB media with your preferred tool :

    On Windows :
    Etcher :
    SD Imager :
    Win32 Disk Imager :

    On macOS :
    Etcher :
    ApplePi Baker :

    On Linux :
    Etcher :
    your good old dd command (i.e. dd if=coffin_rxx_32GB.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1MB status=progress)

  3. Go through the Setup Wizard.

    Note: Network is disabled by default to avoid Roadshow Demo nagscreen to users who will not use networking features.

  4. Enjoy !

Important notes

  1. Roadshow
    Roadshow is bundled as DEMO and will popup a nagscreen after a couple of minutes. You are highly encouraged to buy the full version which is still developed and supported. If you decide to buy it, DO NOT RUN its installer, just copy included bsdsocket.library to LIBS:. If you decide NOT to buy it, you can use the bundled AmiTCP which is now the default TCP/IP stack, even if it does lack DHCP.

  2. iBrowse
    iBrowse 2.5 is bundled as DEMO and will popup a nagscreen. You are also highly encouraged to buy the full version which is still developed and supported since the aging 2.4 is less and less able to browse websites.

  3. AmigaOS 3.1.4(.1) and 3.2(.1)
    As coffin is based on AmigaOS 3.9, it is not intended to be used with Hyperion's 3.1.4(.1) or 3.2(.1) kickstarts at all. Even if it does work to some extend, you will encounter crashes, incompatibilities and finally frustration. If you want to use Kickstart 3.1.4(.1) or 3.2(.1), you are advised to use their respective Workbench distributions.

  4. WHDLoad
    Most old Amiga games were not coded for fast systems like AC68080 systems are. Even if WHDLoad tries to compensate that, you might still encounter some crashes or Emulator 1111 errors in WHDLoad. In such case, use the provided tool (accessible from WHDLoad menu in Workbench) to adjust slave tooltype.

Maintenance Mode

coffin introduces a new functionality called Maintenance Mode. It's a lightweight bootable partition which allows user to do several maintenance tasks as :
Maintenance Mode can be accessed through 3 ways :
  1. In menu, under "Power > Reboot > Maintenance mode"
  2. Through good old Early-Startup and booting from DH3
Note: booting to Maintenance Mode changes partitions boot priorities. Be sure to use offered "Exit maintenance mode" command to correctly exit this mode. Just resetting the Amiga will not reset them correctly.

Backup & Restore tool

coffin has a Backup&Restore tool that will backup all your personal settings and all files included in "DH1:Documents". This tool is useful when upgrading to a new coffin version without losing all your settings.


coffin R62 now has a new feature known as "Mobility" which enables you to use same CF on different systems without having to reconfigure everything. You can now unplug your CF seamlessly from your current system and move it to another. Current supported environments are currently V4, V2, PiStorm and WinUAE. This feature is enabled by default but you can disable it to speed-up boot process.